Sustainable development and creation of a favourable business enviroment for effective functioning of Marine Cluster Bulgaria

About the project

About the project

On 01.10.2011 Marine Cluster Bulgaria start a project "Sustainable development and creation of a favourable business enviroment for effective functioning of Marine Cluster Bulgaria" co funded by Operational Programme "Development of the competitiveness of the bulgarian economy 2007-2013" . The project duration is 24 months and the budget is 478 554,43 lv.
In the field of the main aims of this project - increasing effectiveness and competitiveness of Marine Cluster Bulgaria, we will provident some actions:
- creation stability administration for more effective management and coordination of cluster activities;
- popularizing expereance of MCB, which will help for new members and clients add to the cluster;

- increasing competitiveness of the MCB;
- elaboration and approval a collective trade mark by development cluster marketing.
For attainment of this aims managers and administation will participate training seminars, educations, meetings, conferences, learn best practies and expereance from leading european clusters.
Marine Cluster Bulgaria will take a part in three international exhibitions with its our stand. With this actions MCB will be popularizing in another countries and will create a new collaborations.
Another aims of the project are to make analisis for condition of maritime industry, update its web site and create a new Intranet net.
In the field of the project we will be organize " Days of Marine Cluster Bulgaria" in Varna ,Bourgas and Russe. This will help for popularizing experience of MCB in Black Sea and Dunabe cities. On the last months we will organize and an international conference.
Creation of collective trade mark is the main moment in the marketing strategy of MCB. It will be used from cluster members and will be evidance for quiality identification for services and products.
Realization of the project will increase competitiveness of Marine Cluster Bulgaria and it will be approved like a factor in maritime industry and desire partner in international projects.


The overall objective of the project is to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of Marine Cluster Bulgaria as a basis for sustainable development and creating a favorable business environment for cluster members.

The specific objectives targeted by the project are:
1.Creation of permanent administrative body for effective coordination of cluster activities and improving his professional skills
2. Promoting activity of the cluster as a tool to attract new customers and new members of the cluster from the other sub-sectors "Maritime Industry"
3.To Increase cluster competitiveness through the implementation of new organizational, product, market and technology solutions, through staff training, implementation of best practices and know-how, analyzing international market trends
4. Growth of cluster marketing through the development and implementation of a collective trademark owned by Marine Cluster Bulgaria

The overall and specific objectives of this project proposal will contribute to achieving the overall objective of the Operational Programme "Development of the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy 2007-2013" (OP "Competitiveness"): "Development of a dynamic economy competitive in the European and global market. " Project activities are fully in line with the specific objectives of Priority Axis 2 "Increasing efficiency of enterprises and promoting supportive business environment" by helping to develop the potential of competitive and efficient production and business, economic effect and take neodhodimite structural changes to achieve steady progress.

Creating a cluster administrative body will lead not only to more effective management and coordination of cluster activities, but also to more effective use of available resources and generate new jobs in the overall economy. Planned activities for the qualification of new hires administrative staff and the governing body will contribute not only to acquire new knowledge and experience, innovative technology solutions and know-how, but also more qualified human resources in the economy and promoting the cluster approach development as a means of Bulgarian enterprises.

Organized and conducted within the Project Events "Days of Marine Cluster Bulgaria", an international conference in the country, with the creation of a database for searching / offering vacancies in the marine industry cluster websites (online job board) with a system of evaluation of human resources aimed at increasing the quality of cluster services / products, expanding the product range and market position as a key to sustainable and competitive business development Marine Cluster Bulgaria and the maritime sector as a whole.

Participation of Marine Cluster Bulgaria with an information stand in international exhibitions is a means of promoting it abroad and build deeper transnational collaborations and opportunities to participate in major projects and programs in the marine industry. The creation of a collective trademark owned by Marine Cluster Bulgaria will not only promote the activities of the cluster, but is the future "face" clusters for national and international markets, is proof of the level of quality of clustering products / services.


Expected results are Marine Cluster Bulgaria to establish a permanent administrative body acting in order to ensure effective coordination and management of cluster activities.
MCB will have the financial ability to incorporate their newly administrative staff, and the management team in a number of trainings, study visits abroad, conferences, exchange of experience, know-how and best practices in order to improve their professional knowledge, skills and capacity. Thus achieve higher operating efficiency, better communication and cooperation between members of the cluster itself.
Organized and hold event "Days of Marine Cluster Bulgaria", will promote the activity of the cluster in two Black Sea Regions and will launch a new activity of the cluster - the organization of maritime exhibitions.
After  the project completion, the Managing Body of the cluster has the ambition to develop the event under the name "Days of Marine Cluster Bulgaria" into an annual national exhibition of companies from the maritime industry, with representation of species of marine sports equipment, marine products and accessories, parade of sails and more. So the event will become a true "seaside holiday" for both Black communities, held annually under the auspices of MCB.
The achievement of project activities aims the integration of Marine Cluster Bulgaria in European and worldwide network of maritime clusters, which facilitates participation in major international projects and programs.
In developing a marketing strategy for the creation and implementation of a collective trademark "Bulgarian maritime industry" seeks to promote the cluster marketing, expanding the membership of the cluster in it and attracting new customers.
The analysis of the maritime sector will determine the actual and potential impact of MCB for the local economy. The analysis is one of the steps in determining the viability of the cluster as its ability to cooperate and use resources.


The project is implemented independently by Marine cluster Bulgaria.
Own funding is provided by the cluster members, based on signed partnership agreement.

Varna maritime Ltd.
Commer Intl. Ltd.
Navaltex Ltd.
Hydravlon-1 Ltd.
Marship Ltd.
Marino consult Ltd.
VIlmar Control Ltd.

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