On December 1, 2020, the PESCAVET project was launched - an innovative training for pesca tourism professionals. The project is in the context of Erasmus Plus strategic partnership activities. The main objective is to create favorable conditions for increasing opportunities for sustainable entrepreneurship in the fisheries sector and to contribute to the development of coastal communities in the Mediterranean and Black Sea basins by complementing the main fishing activity with services in pesca tourism. The project will help fishermen by raising their awareness on career opportunities in fishing-related tourism and improving their skills by providing quality innovative pesca tourism training courses to apply new processes and marketing techniques for promotion of pesca tourism products or services.
The partners: Latvian Maritime Academy, Enoros Consulting - Cyprus, PRISM - Italy and Maritime Cluster Bulgaria will conduct a study on the current situation in the countries of the consortium, will identify good practices at sea basin level, will create a Gateway for technical support of beneficiaries with specific training and coaching. An e-course will be developed to improve their entrepreneurial skills.
The active work on the implementation of the project began in January 2021 after the initial partners meeting.
The project lasts 2 years.

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