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MENTOR is presented at Europort 2017, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Representatives of Marine Cluster Bulgaria present a banner of the project at the Bulgarian national stand.
For more information - visit us on stand 6004.

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Project abstract:
The Career Centre for the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (EM) and Black Sea (BS), aims to attract young people and experienced workers and fill existing skills' gaps by supporting activities that will increase employability in key Blue sectors of the region: Maritime Transport (shipping, ports, ship-repairs and shipbuilding), cruise and nautical tourism, aquaculture and offshore oil and gas.
The Blue Career Centre seeks to provide prospects for young jobseekers in the above sectors to support businesses in finding the right staff with proper qualifications. Partners from Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania with Observers from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, will join forces to:
• Attract higher education graduates or persons with a vocational/technical qualification to maritime professions through targeted and innovative education and/or training initiatives (including career guidance);
• Retrain and up-skill workers employed in other sectors and/or people currently unemployed for a job in the blue economy;
• Diversify and expand the skills of people currently employed in the blue economy to progress in their career and/or to facilitate their mobility to other maritime jobs.
The main results expected at the end of the project include:
1. The establishment of a Blue Career Centre Secretariat in Cyprus with representations in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.
2. Catalogue the offer of maritime education and training in the East Med (Greece and Cyprus) and Black Sea region (Bulgaria and Romania);
3. Development of re-training schemes for blue professionals to experienced workers in the maritime sector, cruise tourism, fishermen and offshore oil and gas.
4. Mentoring and career guidance to students (age 16-18) for the Blue sectors in schools in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania.
5. Re-train blue professionals in the maritime sector (cruise tourism, fish tourism and ichthyotourism and offshore oil and gas sectors).
6. Establish e-learning courses for maritime sector (cruise tourism, for offshore oil and gas sector, for marine aquaculture sector and for fish tourism and ichthyotourism).
7. Sharing and pooling of resources, such as maritime simulators and a training vessel from the East Med area.
8. Organise 8 Blue Career Fairs (Days) in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea;
9. Promote the mobility of 30 students and 6 staff within the region;
10. A matching database for maritime professionals in the region will be established, to balance the demand and supply of maritime, aquaculture and offshore oil and gas professionals in the region.
11. Establishment of a Quality Assurance Agency in Cyprus and assistance to work towards the harmonisation of requirements for maritime professional training, focusing on practice (mostly sea-faring).

The successful operation of the first Blue Career Centre for the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea will set an example and model for all other sub-sea basins in view of a future European Network of Blue Career Centres that will bring together all the stakeholders of the various European Marine and Maritime Clusters in a common effort to close the skills gap, tackle unemployment and make “blue careers” more attractive to the young people of Europe and its neighbourhood.

University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean - MAR.IN.E.M, Cyprus
Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry – CCCI, Cyprus
National Technical University of Athens NTUA, Greece
Agricultural University of Athens – AUA, Greece
Marine Cluster Bulgaria – MCB, Bulgaria
Universitatea Maritima Din Constanta – CMU, Romania

Project start: 1 March 2017
Project duration: 24 months

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