Creation of high technology learning center for professional training of personnel working in a maritime logistics and trade operations

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Programme information

A “Cluster” is a geographical differentiated union of similar, connected or mutually complemented companies and other types of organizations(including suppliers, consultants, banks, lawyers, professional and business associations, and government agencies), which have active channels for business interaction, communication and dialogue, which share a special infrastructure, labor market and services, and which are facing together opportunities and threats. Or put in another way, a “cluster” is a group of connected companies and associated institutions in a specific region, including producers, service companies, suppliers, universities and trade associations. Clusters emerge from first and second-rate relations, which exist between the organizations in a certain region.

Our project

In the beginning of March 2008 “Marine Cluster Bulgaria” started the fulfillment of project BG 2005/017-586.04.02//ESC/G/CDI-II-008 – “Creation of high technology learning center for professional training of personnel working in a maritime logistics and trade operations” with duration of 12 months.

The necessity for mechanisms and resources, which are making the functioning of the newly emerged Maritime Cluster Bulgaria easier, and coordination within it is the key circumstance for drawing up and starting the project. For this reason the main project activities were planned and are performing as planned: making and implementing the managing know-how, system for effective control, marketing strategy, creating a database and system for information.

At the same time, some companies in the cluster need to improve the qualification of the personnel in maritime logistics, which plays part as a connection in the marine industry, define the projected cost of creating a simulator of the transport chain and using it for instruction and professional training.


The project`s general goal is to increase competitiveness and the level of innovation in the companies, members of Marine Cluster Bulgaria, as a foundation of their sustainable development.

Specific objectives:
Creating of a effective cluster management and providing the proper equipment;
Assistance with development and implementation of a strategy;
Supplying and installing of equipment for the cluster members as a whole;
Obtaining services for increasing the quality of management;
Laying down of successful partnership between all of the members of the cluster;
Receiving know-how and applying of the good practices;
Creating innovative products and introducing new technologies.


Varna Maritime Ltd.,
Swift Sea Service Ltd
Commer Intl. Ltd.
Hydravlon – 1 Ltd
Sea Group Ltd
KM and D Ltd
Vilmar Control Ltd
Bulgarian Association of Ship Brokers & Agents
Sea alliance


From activity 3: Building a strategy for development of Marine Cluster Bulgaria (MCB)
Vision of MCB: achieving of rising and stable growth of marine industry on regional and national level by cooperation and partnership between companies, organizations, institutions, regional and central authorities and joint actions for economic growth by using the specific resources/opportunities, technological modernization, innovations and integration in the European processes.

Strategic objectives (long-term plan):
(1) Assuring of rapid and sustainable economic growth and stability of marine industry by creating a favorable business environment for drawing investments and creative initiatives, based on vital competitive market, innovations and improved access to markets and services.
(2) Mobilization and increasing quality of the human potential and reaching the European levels of employment, income and social integration for people, employed in marine industry
(3) Successful integration of the marine cluster in the European structures and of Bulgarian marine industry in the European marine economic space

Priorities for development (intermediate plan):
(1) Institutional consolidation of Marine Cluster Bulgaria by drawing new members and advance it to national level, improvement of management, communication and partnership between companies and organizations in the marine industry, regional and central authorities.
(2) Increasing the competitiveness of companies in the Marine Cluster Bulgaria, of marine industry as a whole by training, implementing good practices, foreign know-how/experience, induction of new organizational, productive, marketing and technological solutions.
(3) Integration of Marine Cluster Bulgaria in the European and World network of maritime clusters, intensifying the participation in international projects and programs.

From activity 4: Optimizing of the general business management and coordination
1. Expansion of Marine Cluster Bulgaria
The analysis shows necessity of drawing new members, which will cover better the geographical allocation and subfields of marine industry. MCB is taking actions for expansion of its structure.
2. Elaboration of the management structure: The analysis showed lack of definite elements in the management structure of the cluster as a operational branch and functional departments, connected with the fulfillment of its general objectives and activities. The creation of a permanently functioning operational unit and two functional/specialized departments – (1) for cooperation and collaboration and (2) for increasing the competitiveness by innovations and training, are foreseen.
3. Improvement of communications: MCB should strengthen its forces to improve communication between the members of the cluster, other companies in this sector, administration and community as a whole.
4. Membership in the European net of marine clusters: MCB should take immediate actions to become a member in European network of maritime clusters.
5. Collaboration with universities: The analysis shows unused opportunities for collaboration of the cluster with universities and research institutes. Good opportunity for such cooperation and intensifying the collaboration is the expected competition in the fall for consolidation of clusters under Operational programme ”Competitiveness”.
6. Training and Qualification: Development of training programs for education and increasing the qualification of specialists in marine industry by mixed business teams, representing the sector and educational institutions, the purpose of which is to satisfy the existing necessity of specialists and mirror back the trends in this sector, keeping the high standard and criteria of education.

From activities 5 and 6: Development of information system and data base for MCBs` needs
(1) A MCBs` Web site has been created.
(2) ISDB is based on SLQ type «Client – Server».
(3) Helps and facilitate communication, management and decision making in MCB.
(4) Data base, containing information about achievements in the theoretical and practical field for cluster initiatives, organizations and politics – as general and specifically about marine clusters in EU and Euro-Mediterranean region; legal and political platform for European and Bulgarian marine clusters progress; organizations in Bulgaria and EU assisting the building and development of marine clusters; EU and Bulgarian policy – Directives of EU, documents with legal and political content, legal acts concerning marine industry.

From activity 7: Research of the opportunities for implementing new technologies and innovations in the cluster
1. The necessity for innovations in marine industry comes from the powerful competition, the work is mainly for export and this impose reaching higher competitiveness of the companies in the sector in the time of crisis.
2. Implementing new technologies and innovations is accompanied with big investments and financial risk. Marine industry need support for technological renovation and innovations, funded by programmes of EU.
3. Between the companies in Marine Cluster Bulgaria, concerning the innovation, distinguish “Seny” Ltd. and “Varna Maritime” Ltd. Their better experience and practice can be spread to the other members of MCB and non-member companies.
4. Reinforcement of the cooperation and collaboration between the companies is needed and between the companies and universities and institutes for research and implementation of new products, services and processes. It is appropriate a Council for innovations in marine industry to be created, with the participation of specialists from MCB, Technical University, Naval Academy, and many others.
5. It is necessary to be created a fund for supporting the innovations, resolving important technological, marketing and other problems with the participation of all MCBs` members
6. Participation by cooperation with other companies and institutes from EU in the construction of new products, services, processes for marine industry by participation in one of 12 directions of programme platform WATERBORNE – example in (2), (5), (8), (11) and (12).
7. Good practices of companies from EU to be used and also the interactive potential of CORDIS Technology MarketPlace for implementing new technologies and good practices for implementation innovations in companies from MCB, for example: (a) implementing compositions (two and three layer materials) for reducing weight in the marine constructions; (b) increasing of power efficiency of “warm” processes.

From activity 8: Creating a high technology learning center for training personnel, employed in marine logistics and trade operations
(1) In the foundation of this activity is implementation of the innovative learning method Supply chain simulator”
(2) In its essence it is a computer network, in which every working station is a working place of a participant in the transport chain – carrier, broker, line agent, dock operator, shipping agent and etc.
(3) The Simulator is served by a software, giving the opportunity for simultaneous direct dialogue for contracting and control of its fulfillment contract by contract and the transport chain as a whole, as well as making particular management decisions by each one of the operators depending on the development of the specific contract and the transportation in general.
(4) The Simulator can be used for learning/training purposes as well as for moulding, estimation and control the work on projects for organization of specific transport chains in the liner and tramp shipping.

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