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The „Sustainable Blue Economy“ initiative is completed

The „Sustainable Blue Economy“ initiative, which included a national conference and “Blue career days”, was completed on December 3rd.
The national conference on "Sustainable Blue Economy - Trends and Prospects for Bulgaria" was organized by the Black Sea Assistance Mechanism which suppors the implementation of theCommon Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea and Marine Cluster Bulgaria, in its capacity of national hub.
The event gathered over a hundred participants in the conference hall and online.
Speakers from the European Commission, foreign and national institutions presented to the audience the results of research and evaluation of the Bulgarian blue economy and its potential, as well as opportunities for science and business development through the mechanisms of the programs "Maritime Affairs, Fisheries and Aquaculture", "Horizon Europe" 2021-2027 and Interreg NEXT "Black Sea Basin" 2021-2027. Participants were introduced to the French experience on the road towards a sustainable blue economy.
Experience and good practices were shared by the business and local authorities, as well as interesting ideas for future development in some sectors of the blue economy were presented, in line with the vision, goals and objectives of the Maritime Spatial Plan of Bulgaria 2021-2035.
The roundtable discussion, based on the summary of previous sessions, highlighted important topics of the national blue economy. It was noted that the sectors of the blue economy are fragmented within departments of various ministries and institutions, with lack of synchronicity between them. The need for joint efforts by the maritime community to define objectives, to propose alterations and outline the community's contribution was emphasized. Given the scale of the blue economy and its importance for GDP, it was noted that it should be recognized as a strategic pillar of the national economy. The participants discussed the need for coordination of work between all governmental authorities, public and private actors in the blue economy, and active cooperation with all stakeholders.

As a result, the participants in the round table consolidated around the initiative to prepare a proposal to the newly elected Council of Ministers to establish an Interdepartmental Coordination Council for Sustainable Blue Economy, which would be a liaison between individual ministries and to interact with all relevant stakeholders to create a comprehensive, holistic and sustainable strategic framework for the national blue economy.

On December 1, 2 and 3rd was held the fifth edition of "Blue Careers Days", organized by the Marine Cluster Bulgaria in conjunction with the Bulgarian Chamber of shipping and with the assistance of the Technical University of Varna, Naval Academy “N.Y. Vaptsarov”and the College of Tourism at the University of Economics-Varna. The event was realized online, attracting students from all over the country and students. Representatives of business, universities and research organizations introduced the audience to the variety of professions in the sectors of the blue economy and opportunities for realization, gave valuable guidance and useful advices to young people.
A week dedicated to the blue economy is coming to an end, and those willing to participate in the accompanying contest have three days to submit their works - till 6th December 2021.
The prizes for the winners are provided by the Municipality of Varna.


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