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Press release - Regional Stakeholders Conference - Common Maritime Agenda

2021 Turkish Coordination of the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea (CMA) is pleased to announce that this year’s CMA Regional Stakeholders Conference will be held online on Monday 22 November.

This event will take stock of advancements in the implementation of the CMA across the Black Sea and foster discussions with regional stakeholders in areas for further action and concrete ways forward to ensure synergies across the various initiatives ongoing across the region.


This year’s CMA Stakeholders Conference builds upon the results of the previous edition of the conference in 2020 as well as further regional events held throughout 2021. It also capitalises on the many actions promoted by the CMA and other partner initiatives in the Black Sea region. As such, the conference will outline the state of play for CMA implementation. This exercise will also cover the contributions of relevant regional initiatives (e.g., the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, Black Sea CONNECT, the Blueing the Black Sea initiative, etc.) and promote the exchange of experiences with other sea basin strategies.


Hackathons for project ideas are another key element of this event. Black Sea stakeholders will be invited to discuss project concepts that have already emerged across the CMA’s goals and priorities, in order to stimulate their further development. The conference will therefore be instrumental in the identification of concrete actions that support a resilient and sustainable blue economy in the region, and the outcomes of the conference will provide valuable bottom-up inputs to CMA implementation for the year 2022 and beyond.

In its role as CMA coordinator for 2021, Turkey selected environment, maritime transport and tourism as priorities. In order to address crosscutting issues, the work was focused on “underwater heritage protection & tourism”, “green maritime transport” and “blue entrepreneurship and SMEs”. For each issue, a focus was done on the development of research and innovation and the resilience of the Black Sea blue economy. Turkey organised a series of virtual events to promote the CMA and the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) and thus engage stakeholders in the elaboration of projects related to the topics. In parallel, national CMA events have been organised, developing synergies with ongoing projects and initiatives in the Black Sea. They have helped in identifying project ideas to support CMA implementation.


More information on the regional conference including registration details are available here.


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