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Here are the winners of the "Future of the Black Sea" competition

 The leaders of the Maritime Cluster Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Maritime Chamber thank all the participants in the competition "The Future of the Black Sea" and their leaders for their interest, enthusiasm and activity.
This is the first edition of this competition, which was announced as a side event to the fifth edition of "Blue Career Days". Students from first to twelfth grade from all over the country took part, the total number of works was 277, of which 14 essays, 27 projects (presentations and computer design of posters), the remaining 236 drawings, executed with different techniques.
The winners in the categories are:
Drawing - Dilyana Varbanova from the town of Veliko Tarnovo
Essay - Yasmin Pachelieva from the town of Smolyan
Individual project - Gabriela Georgieva from Polski Trambesh
Team project - Financial and Economic Vocational High School "V. Levski" Montana
The jury also determined the runners-up of the winners:
Second place for drawing was awarded to Marina Katsarska and Nikola Katsarski from Pleven, and third - to Yasmin Aliosman from Momchilgrad and Denis Hamza from Kardzhali
In the Essay category, second place was awarded to Teodora Georgieva from the city of Varna, and third place to Maya Chindeva from the city of Smolyan.
In the "project" category, second place for individual participants was awarded to Bogdan Danev from Burgas, and third place to Mihaela Cholakova from Veliko Tarnovo.
For team participation with a project, the team of PGI "Robert Schumann", Razgrad, was ranked second, and the team of 10th grade of Sofia University in Blaskovo, Varna region was ranked third.
 In the coming days we will contact the winners.
All participants will receive a certificate of participation sent electronically.


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