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Blue career days

 Maritime Cluster Bulgaria together with the Bulgarian Maritime Chamber and with the support of the Technical University-Varna, Naval Academy "NY Vaptsarov" and the College of Tourism at the University of Economics-Varna, annually organize "Days of Blue Careers". It will be held entirely online on three consecutive days between December 1-3 and 1:30 p.m. In each of the three days, different opportunities for development in the field of the blue economy will be affected.
We believe that in this way we will enable a wider range of young people from all over the country to receive information about the blue economy, its current and future potential, the development of traditional sectors and their connection with new technologies such as robotics, digitalization. , applying the principles of the circular economy.
The preliminary program is as follows:
Start at 13:30 (total duration about an hour) for each of the days:
Day 1 - "Myths and realities of the blue economy" - includes topics: shipping (sea and river), ports, shipbuilding and ship repair;
Day 2 - "Alternative industries in the blue economy" - includes topics: yacht business, fisheries and aquaculture, coastal and marine tourism;
Day 3 - "The Blue Economy - New Horizons" - includes topics: new technologies and innovative companies, research, ecology and the circular economy.
Registration for the event can be done through this online form. More information about the event can be found here.
The format is accompanied by a competition "The Future of the Black Sea". It is open to primary and secondary school students and students from all over the country. The deadline for submission of competition materials is December 6, and on December 19 (celebration of St. Nicholas Day by the maritime community in the old style) the winners will be announced. Participants will compete with a drawing, essay, conceptual model / conceptual design of an innovative solution on the topic of the competition. The prizes for the winners are provided by the Municipality of Varna. More information about the competition can be found here.
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