А pilot course for scientific divers took place in Malsen Nos from 8 to 17 July

А pilot course for scientific divers in Bulgaria under EC project 863674 – EMFF Blue Economy 2018 – Blue skills was organized by Marine Cluster Bulgaria with the support of the Institute of Oceanology at BAS and the Bulgarian National Association for Underwater Activities (BNAPD). It took place from July 8 to 17 in the IO Monitoring Station, Maslen Nos (Primorsko) and gathered 10 students and researchers from Bulgaria, Europe and Latin America who became a part of a pilot training program under the Science Diver project, taking place  on four different  locations in Europe.

During the ten days of theory and practice, the trainees underwent general practical course acquiring technical skills that are used in scientific activities under water in areas such as marine biology, underwater photography, underwater archeology and underwater photogrammetry. Special attention was paid to security and safety when performing the underwater research, which aimed to reproduce the work of a research team with equal participation of all members from different scientific fields.

The trainees received the right to be certified as a scientific diver by international diving organizations such as CMAS and ESDP. The course was provided free of charge thanks to the financial support of the ScienceDIVER project, funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund of the European Union. (Project id: 863674 – EMFF Blue Economy 2018 – Blue Careers).

MCB  thank all the partners, trainers and hosts of the event, who contributed for the successful realization of the course!

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