Technical University of Varna

The Technical University of Varna (TUV) was founded in 1962 with a Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Peoples Republic of Bulgaria and Act of the National Assembly.

The Technical University of Varna is a state university with a history of academic excellence and prepares engineering staff in its six faculties and two colleges:
Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering and Technologies;
Faculty of Shipbuilding;
Faculty of Electrical Engineering;
Faculty of Electronics;
Faculty of Computer Sciences and Automation;
Faculty of Marine Sciences and Ecology
During the 2011/2012 academic year at the University the total number of students amounted to 6000 full time students, more than 1000
part time students and about 700 foreign students. The number of Ph.D
students is expected to be 120.


1 "Studentska" Str.
9000 Varna, Bulgaria

Assoc. Prof. Velko Naumov PhD
Tel./fax: + 359 52 303 090

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