Hydravlon-1 Ltd.

The basic part of the group is formed by workers of long-term experience in “Odessos” Ship Repair Yard, Varna. In 1985 they founded there the first specialized group for hydraulic equipment repair activities.
“Hydravlon” private company was set up and started work in 1991. It performs assembly, repairs, recovery and servicing of any hydraulic equipment like pumps, cylinders, distribution valves, etc. Presently the group has its own indoor assembly workshop of an area of 400 sq.m, and an outdoor work site of an area of 1100 sq.m, equipped with hoisting facilities, hydraulic tests stand, turnery workshop, spare parts storehouse and administrative facilities. The shipping of the parts and employees transportation are accomplished by three trucks, a minibus and automobiles, owned by the company.
The group has long-term experience in the field of repairs and servicing of hydraulic equipment and any road building machines and stationary equipment including those of world-famous manufacturers such as HYDROSTER, REXROTH, HYDAC, NMF, HAGGLUNDS, NORWINCH, LINDE, ORSTA, SAUER, LIEBHERR, FRYDENBO, MITSUBISHI, HIAB, PALFINGER, KOMATSU, CATERPILLAR, etc.
The group offers recovery and production of new hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic components etc. as non-mass production single items.
“Hydravlon” keeps direct contacts with local and foreign manufacturers of any hydraulic equipment and has on stock large range of products – hydraulic components, hydraulic pumps, high pressure hoses and seals.
In 1998 “Hydravlon” group acquired a certificate by the Bulgarian Registry of Shipping, which entitles it to repair ship equipment.
Since 1998 “Hydravlon” group has been acting as an authorized servicing company of “Hydroster” Ship Machinery Works– Gdansk, Poland, (www.hydroster.com.pl) for the Black Sea region. In 1998 and 2008 specialization courses in servicing activities were conducted in Gdansk, Poland, during which members of the group personnel got acquainted with specific problems, relating the hydraulic devices, methods of their removal and failures avoidance.
The group has highly-experienced employees for repairs of electric and automatic equipment of hydraulic systems.
“Hydravlon” group offers preferential prices and priority servicing to its regular customers.
“Hydravlon” group has a functioning Quality Management System, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, approved by Bureau Veritas Quality International, with accreditation by UKAS- Quality management and ANAB. The certification audit was conducted on 28th Oct.2002.
In accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, “Hydravlon” group successfully passed a recertification audit on October 2011 and presently owns a Certificate No BG17740Q with certificate expiry dated 27th Oct.2014.

Y. Yanakiev
“Hydravlon” Managing Director

Western industrial zone
base "Toplivo"
9003, Varna, Bulgaria
phone: ++359 52 750-213
phone./fax: ++359 52 505-791
e-mail: office@hydravlon.com
web page: www.hydravlon.com

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