College of Tourism - Varna

The College of tourism is the first higer school in Bulgaria training professionals for the leisure industry and tourism. The College of Tourism was established in 1963 by the Committee of Tourism within the Council of Ministers. In 1989 the College was incorporated within the structure of the University of Economics – Varna and since 1999 it has been one of its core branches. Being a state-run institution, the College was awarded institutional accreditation in the same year and it has had the highest credit rating in accreditation evaluation carried out every six years.
In its 40-year history the College of Tourism has trained more than 6,900 professionals in full-timе and over 2,500 in part-time training. They now form the basis of Bulgarian tourism and occupy key positions as operational managers and executives. Many of the lecturers  were also completed their education at the college and nowadays they work as consultants, team leaders and heads of projects for sustainable development of tourism education and tourism as a sector of the Bulgarian economy.
An important aspect of the college's activities are corporate and specialized trainings, consultations and innovation, project development, research in the field of leisure, tourism and customer service.

9000 Varna

158 А "Slivnitsa" Bld.

Phone: +359 52 620 722


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