Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre (BSHC) - Varna at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre (BSHC) – Varna has been established in 1976 with the financial and expert support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as a scientific research and experimental center in the field of hydrodynamics of ships, floating objects and marine-based facilities.
Since 2010, by decision of the BAS General Assembly, BSHC has been transformed as a detached research unit with preserved scope of activities within the frames of the Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies "Acad. A. Balevski" at BAS.
BSHC performs wide spectrum of fundamental and applied research in the fields of ship hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, water transport and energy saving, ocean engineering, sea and river crises and disasters, marine ecology and coastal protection, facilities for fisheries and aquacultures, renewable energy sources, national security and defense. In cooperation with National High schools and Universities, the Centre performs also training of students, cadets, PhD students, post-graduate students and trainees in the fields of its competence.
The scientific research and training infrastructure of BSHC comprises two large towing tanks and one squared manoeuvring and seakeeping basin, cavitation tunnel with two working sections, wind tunnel, wave flume, CAD-CAM systems for design and manufacturing of ship models, propellers and specific appliances with complex geometry, technical laboratories and workshops, numerous training rooms and a large lecturing hall.
Scientific and applied research services offered by BSHC are highly recognized and frequently demanded by maritime stakeholders all over the world.

9003 Varna, kv. Asparuhovo, Bulgaria
1 William Froude Str., P.O. Box 58
Phone: +359 52 370 501
Fax: +359 52 370 514
Email: office@bshc.bg

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