Bulgarian Register of Shipping

Bulgarian Register of Shipping (BRS) was established as the national Classification Society of Republic of Bulgaria in 1950, providing technical supervision and classification services of civil ships. BRS develops technical requirements which ensure safe navigation of ships in accordance with their intended purpose, the safety of life at sea, the safety of the cargo transported; it also carries out technical supervision for the implementation of these requirements. The basic areas of operation are as follows:
- approval of technical documentation for construction and repair of sea-going and inland vessels, drilling platforms and containers;
- supervision of the construction and conversion of ships, drilling platforms and containers;
- survey of ships and containers in operation;
- supervision during the manufacture of materials and products intended for the construction and repair of vessels under the supervision of BRS;
- approval of companies and laboratories for manufacture, repairs and testing of equipment, materials and products intended for the shipping industry.
BRS also verifies the implementation of the requirements of international conventions such as SOLAS, COLREG, MARPOL, LOAD LINE, etc., on behalf of foreign Maritime Administrations within the scope of the obtained authorizations.

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