Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping

Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping was founded in 1993 with head office in the city of Varna.
BCS is a voluntary non-profit association for assistance, encouragement, representation and protection of the interests of its members; it cooperates for development of the national and international maritime economical collaboration and for recognition of spirit of respectability in the Bulgarian maritime business. The association is established and acts as a legal entity with a non-profit purpose with private benefit, in accordance with the Law for the legal entities with a non-profit purpose.

BCS members may be Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and physical persons, which are registered as per the commercial law and declare that they accept the purposes and agree with the decrees of the Statute of BCS.

BCS collaborates for expansion of the participation of commercial companies in the international maritime economic collaboration
BCS represents the interests of its members in international non-governmental organizations, as well as in inter-state organizations as per power of attorney of the competent state bodies.

pl. " Slaveykov" 1
9000 Varna
Phone: 052 692 116
Mobile: 0885 967 150
web: http://bcs.bg

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